V-Lap material is the latest in high loft nonwoven materials which transcends accross the barrier from a simple textile material to a technical textile product.

V-Lap material has applications in many industries such as automotive, industrial, building, and agricultural, filtration, medical and the bedding/furniture/seating industries to name a few.

  • automotive: acoustic material in door pillars, door trims, underfloor, above floor, head liners and boot/trunk liners and wheel silencers for example.
  • industrial: heating, venting and air conditioning applications.
  • building: wall, roof and floor acoustic panels.
  • agricultural: agri-mats.
  • filtration: liquid and air filtration and specialized electrically charged filters.
  • medical: specialty burn gauze and bandages.
  • bedding/furniture/seating: bedding tops and a foam replacement. Commercial and domestic furniture and seating cushions for trains and planes and cars.